According to this story on Fox8 when the temperature rises so does the number of uninvited guests to community pools:

Residents at Madison Place Apartments in Kernersville said the pool gets crowded early.

“You come in the morning, you don’t have a seat,” said one resident of the 204-unit complex.

Apartment Manager Jo Caton said she catches uninvited guests at the pool almost every day.

“If they have enough nerve to sneak into the pool, then it doesn’t bother them to get thrown out,” Caton said.

Caton said the trespassers will park in a different area and walk through the complex acting like residents. Caton said the pool crashers were so bad one day that she had to call police.

Residents at a Jamestown apartment complex said nobody really enforces the rules there, causing them to not be able to enjoy the pool  they’re paying to use.

Residents of several Triad apartment complexes said while the rules are similar, the enforcement varies widely.