Creative Ideas for Developing Creativity

Lauren Boston has a nice post on the NAA blog about incorporating creativity into your work regimen:

Once a month she hosts a day with her staff devoted to ideas and innovation. On the appointed day, employees report to the office at their normal time and Zumo distributes a list of topics. Staff members are then permitted to spend the day any way they choose—be it on the property or off the property (but not, despite what they may do across the pond, drinking).

At day’s end, the employees regroup to discuss what they’ve come up with. The concept is called a FedEx Day, because you are expected to deliver something overnight. To be paid for the day employees just have to produce an idea.

The first FedEx Day was a hit and resulted in several great ideas, such as Assistant Manager Erin McNorton’s plan to help manage the property’s many rambunctious children through a ‘Get Caught Being Good’ program.

To encourage good behavior, the staff printed a list of do’s and don’ts for children and distributed it throughout the property. Now, whenever a staff member sees a well-behaved child doing something such as picking up trash or walking quietly in the breezeways, he or she gives the child a special coin. The coins can be brought to the community office and be exchanged for prizes such as small toys and candy.