Forsyth County Appraisers Already Preparing for 2013 Revaluation

Heads up to all property owners in Forsyth County, preparation is already under way for a 2013 revaluation:

The county last went through revaluation in 2009. It was an arduous process: Coming as it did during a real estate meltdown that gripped many parts of the country, some argued that the entire process that year be scrapped. A 4-3 vote on the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners kept the 2009 revaluation in place.

This time, tax officials have a different challenge: a decline in the volume of sales makes it harder to track what is going on in Forsyth County neighborhoods. But Tax Assessor John Burgiss is confident that between his team of trained assessors and the technical tools they have to help them, the job will get done right.

“We don’t make the market — we follow it,” Burgiss said.

The assessor’s office has divided the county into nine sections, with an appraiser over each sector for residential property. The county is divided into four sections for commercial real estate.

By the time revaluation is finished, appraisers will have examined all 160,000 parcels in the county.