HAWS Makes Plans for Redevelopment in Cleveland Avenue Area of Winston-Salem

The Winston-Salem Journal has an article about the long-term redevelopment plan that the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem has for some Cleveland Avenue neighborhoods in Winston-Salem:

Concentrating low-income people in one area is an outdated model for public housing that can cause a neighborhood to decline, he said.

“We believe that the need for income-based communities is over with, that we really need to figure out a way to integrate individuals of different income means within a wider community,” Woods said. “What we’re looking for is for (the Cleveland Avenue neighborhood) to become a distinct community of its own with its own personality that will attract a wide range of families and individuals who will become stakeholders.”

To achieve that, the housing authority is working on a master plan for those neighborhoods to spread public-housing residents out and to draw businesses to the area.

“What we’re looking to do is not just to rebuild our public housing site, but actually begin to stimulate private investment and rebuild an entire community,” Woods said.

The plan, called the Cleveland Area Master Plan, is ambitious, officials say.

It covers about 130 acres, and includes the neighborhoods between Highland and Cleveland avenues from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to 14th Street and the school system’s new campus by Kennedy Learning Center.

It calls for traffic circles and landscaping, new parks and public art, an expanded library and retail shops. It also calls for garden apartment complexes, which would be home to people who receive public-housing assistance, and to those who would pay fair-market prices, Woods said.