Senor Peepers

Want to know what bubonic plague and monkey pox have to do with therapy animals and apartments? Nothing really, but Lauren Boston manages to include them in a piece at the NAA blog about therapy animals:

Such was the case on that emotional day last June when I held Señor Peepers—a prairie dog I adopted in Utah—for the first time. I signed the papers, cradled my baby and felt an incredible surge of joy I hadn’t experienced since my first Dairy Queen raspberry truffle blizzard many moons ago.

Now I should, I suppose, make it clear that I was actually holding a stuffed animal version of Señor Peepers. Adorable as they are, prairie dogs can transmit both monkey pox and bubonic plague to humans—both of which would require more sick days than I currently have…

So until the day when the FDA approves an experimental drug program that enables me to get monthly prairie dog vaccines, I must embrace the plush, toy version of my son. And whenever I look at that stuffed animal that sits—quite creepily—on my desk in work, I’m reminded that somewhere out there in the fields of southern Utah, Señor Peepers is thinking of me.

If you have a pet—particularly one you practically regard as a human baby—then you understand. There’s just something about an animal that makes you feel loved.

The residents at Country Village Apartments know all about it.