Governor Perdue Signs Landlord/Tenant Bill Into Law

North Carolina Governor Bev Perdue signed House Bill 493 into law this week and the law will go into effect October 1, 2012. Among other things the bill:

  • Closes a loop hole that enabled tenants to not pay their agreed upon rent during an appeals process.
  • Allows landlords to proceed with an eviction even if the tenant has made a partial rent payment.
  • Allows the NC Security Deposit Law to be modified to allow unpaid late fees, damage to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, and costs of re-renting the premises to be taken out of the security deposit.
  • Allows, but does not require, landlords to remove and store the possessions of a deceased tenant so that the landlord can re-lease the rental unit upon filing an affidavit with the Court. The landlord may try to collect the costs of storage through the estate.

The Apartment Association of North Carolina, with the participation of its affiliates including PTAA, has lobbied the state legislature on behalf of its members for years for these changes.  Thanks to all the members who worked to promote these much-needed changes to the state landlord/tenant laws.

One thought on “Governor Perdue Signs Landlord/Tenant Bill Into Law”

  1. Look closely at the law change (H493) regarding partial payments. Landlord can proceed with an eviction after accepting a partial payment… ONLY IF… the lease stipulates that a partial payment does not stop the eviction process.

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