What Happens When It Happens to You?

In a compelling post on the NAA blog about the impact of Superstorm Sandy on New Jersey, Mike Beirne, Executive Vice President of The Kamson Corporation, shares what it’s like to be in a disaster rather than an observer of one:

By nature, we are problem-solvers. What do you do when the problems are so ominous, and the best of us simply do not have answers? You learn, you adapt and you overcome. I have seen people become desperate. Over the past few weeks, I have seen the best of human kind and the worst. When an emergency hits your area, which side will you fall on?

Do you in your business include worst-case scenario planning? My suggestion is you should. I have been reminded of them many times over the past few years. Tornados, earthquakes, hurricanes, blizzards: the worst-case scenario does happen—and never so as starkly as in this most current event.

Where do you start? And once you start, what are some really important things you learn? How can you infuse them into your business plan? We thought we were smart and had portable generators everywhere, ready to go. But are they useful when you cannot get gas?

Folks, it’s not all about business. First and foremost, it’s about human beings. You have to adjust your decision-making to comprehend and understand that it’s for both your residents and your employees.

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