Clean Team

We found this idea on the NAA Blog:

Lynn Gill, Property Manager for Madison, Ala.-based Madison Park Apartments, started a “Clean Team” at the beginning of the summer to remove the roadside litter she noticed every day on her way to work.

Gill, her assistant, and 12 residents now meet in the morning on the third Saturday of every month and spend approximately an hour walking the roads surrounding the community and picking up trash. Afterward, they enjoy breakfast together.

“We all work very hard to keep our own communities looking good,” says Gill, whose 308-unit community is operated by King Management Solutions, LLC. “By pitching in and helping to keep these roads clean, we are not only creating a better atmosphere for our own community but helping out the entire city. People [prospective residents included] notice our efforts—and it pays to have a great reputation in town.”

In addition to the Clean Team’s regular members, Gill says there are four more residents on standby, should someone else be unable to help one month. All willingly—and happily—volunteer their time.