The Perils of Droopy Drawers

At every community manager round table hosted by PTAA there’s one topic that invariably comes up for discussion: staff attire. Most of the concerns that managers have relate to the image being portrayed by the staff members, but in the case of maintenance staff there are other, very practical concerns as highlighted in this post on the NAA blog:

He was crossing the parking lot headed for a building across the way and was having trouble. His “uniform” consisted of a logo’ed shirt and some very baggy jeans. Those jeans had fallen to mid thigh, where his visible boxer shorts did not match the color scheme of the shirt (light blue or gray shirt, fluorescent yellow and green boxers…)  

There are others more qualified than I to comment on the fashion sense, I’m more concerned about the service… I did not meet or talk this Maintenance Tech, and only saw him this one, very quick instance. He was holding up his pants with one hand, so they did not fall any further and having to perform this kind of shuffle-walk due to the pants falling down while walking away from me so I didn’t even get to see his face. His other hand was juggling some tools and supplies. I do have a couple of questions if I could speak to him:

– Is the impression that he left on me the one that was intended? 
– Do I trust him to come into my home to repair anything?
– Does he actually work for the community, or is he an impostor?
– Some of the boys who are my daughters age are wearing this same style in high school… Has he graduated yet?