Pickleball Anyone?

Last year during a CAPS class we were talking about potential uses of the mostly unused tennis courts at many apartment communities. One community manager mentioned that her community had converted the tennis courts to a dog recreation area. I mentioned that I’d heard about a game called Pickleball that was becoming popular out west, especially in retirement communities. Everyone looked at me like I had two heads, but it stuck in the crevices of my mind.

In today’s Greensboro News & Record there was a short article about Pickleball in the Life section, and it mentioned that the game was being offered at local rec centers. It also had a link to the Pickleball association website, and there you can find links to lots of information and articles about the sport. From reading the site it looks like you can fit four Pickleball courts onto one tennis court:

The minimum recommended size of a pickleball court is 30’x60′. The standard size of the pad for a tennis court is 60’x120′. That just happens to be exactly big enough to divide into 4 pickleball courts. A larger size is recommended if you have the room, but 30’x60′ is adequate if you have space or cost constraints.

Here’s a link to a tennis court conversion diagram. If you have tennis courts that are largely being unused you might want to consider introducing Pickleball. It looks like an inviting game more akin to badminton, which means your residents may be more likely to play it than tennis. Here’s a description from the website:

Pickleball is a fun game that is played on a badminton court with the net lowered to 34 inches at the center. It is played with a perforated plastic baseball (similar to a whiffle ball) and wood or composite paddles. It is easy for beginners to learn, but can develop into a quick, fast-paced, competitive game for experienced players.