Satisfacts Survey Identifies Top 3 Lead Sources Used By Renters

According to this post on Property Management Insider the top three lead sources used by renters are:

3. Internet Listing Services (ILS)

2. Word of Mouth (without social media)

1. Apartment Signs/Driving By/Curbside Appeals

And a frightening paragraph for anyone still peddling news printed on dead trees:

While ratings and reviews are the talk of the industry (and rightly so, as they are becoming the “norm” in the rental decision), it’s important to ensure we don’t neglect some of the old standbys. Some options are quickly becoming obsolete (newspapers, for example, were only cited by 0.8%), but some of the basics still hold true. Ensure your signage is in great condition, is easy to read, and has your community phone number and/or web page listed. A prospect may drive or walk by this morning, look you up on the Internet when she gets home, and call for a tour by the afternoon. Make it easy for her.


2 thoughts on “Satisfacts Survey Identifies Top 3 Lead Sources Used By Renters”

  1. I would agree with these results. I would disagree that it is frightening news for anyone with print products as print drives a large audience to the internet, just check your mailbox. Surely Victoria’s Secret, REI, Lands End to name a few, have some smart marketing department heads and would have decreased rather than increased their print runs. But they have indeed increased to all time high because they know print is driving traffic to their sites.

  2. Great point about print in general. Really I was referencing the newspapers since they were only cited .8% of the time. I should have been a little less cute and just written newspaper instead of “peddling news on dead trees”

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