NC Legislative Update, AANC Legislative Days

There is encouraging news from Raleigh this week (5/13/2013) on a couple of pieces of legislation that are of particular interest to the apartment industry:

House Bill 773 is a bill that would revise the conditions under which counties and cities may inspect buildings or structures. This is a bill that is supported by the Apartment Association of North Carolina (AANC) and was approved by the House on May 14, 2013 which will allow it to make crossover to the Senate.

House Bill 802 is a bill that would shorten the time period required to evict a tenant. This bill is also supported by AANC and also enjoyed bipartisan support in the House. Consequently it was easily passed with only three votes against it and will crossover to the Senate.

One result of this good news is that our industry representatives will have plenty to do in Raleigh next week during AANC’s Legislative Days (May 21-22, 2013). PTAA has 20 representatives headed to Raleigh to join over 100 other apartment industry leaders from around the state. If you would like to join them please contact Jon Lowder  TODAY (May 16, 2013) to RSVP.  You can call him at (336) 294-4428 or email him to let him know you’d like to make the trip to Raleigh. Legislative Days is free to all PTAA members from management companies/apartment owners and to all Legislative Days sponsors. Vendor Partners are welcome to attend but there is a registration fee that would apply.