Indoor Apartment Gardening

The Wall Street Journal has an article about apartment residents growing their own food indoors:

Some apartment-dwellers are greening up their living space by growing some of their own food indoors. The most determined have found it possible to grow a salad’s worth of kale, microgreens, tomatoes and peppers along windowsills and light-filled walls.

Making it easier are vertical planters, hydroponic systems and dedicated grow lights that run on timers. “Everybody is getting a little bit more ambitious about what it is that they want to grow,” says Britta Riley, founder of Windowfarms, a maker of vertical, self-watering hydroponic garden systems based in Brooklyn, N.Y. Ms. Riley started the company in 2011 after she set out to create an indoor vegetable garden in her own fifth-floor apartment and found she had to build one from scratch. Prices for the system, which can hang from a windowsill or sit on a shelf, start at $199…

For most vegetables, even a sunny windowsill requires extra light, says Nate Storey, co-founder of Laramie, Wyo.-based Bright Agrotech, which sells hydroponic towers for both indoor and outdoor use. Some lighting systems rotate automatically to provide direct light to more plants. Light-emitting diode lamps are a good bet because they use little electricity and don’t generate heat.

Some companies have started marketing LED and low-heat fluorescent lighting systems that were originally developed for indoor marijuana cultivation. “The larger market opportunity is folks growing lettuce in their kitchen,” Mr. Storey says.