Greensboro City Council Passes Post-RUCO Ordinance

At last night’s (7/16/13) Greensboro City Council meeting the Council unanimously voted to incorporate ordinance changes for residential inspections. These changes were required by changes to state law that made parts of the city’s former RUCO ordinance illegal. We will have more details about the new ordinance in the near future and PTAA will be hosting an educational session for members in the near future, but for now you should know that the city will begin a phased implementation of the ordinance in September.

City staff’s recommendation was based on the work of the Post-RUCO recommendation committee which included stakeholders, including a representative from PTAA, and city staff. That was followed by work with a city council committee, comprised of council members Nancy Hoffman (committee chair), Nancy Vaughan, Marikay Abuzuaiter and Yvonne Johnson, which made the final recommendation to the full council.

Stay tuned, we’ll have plenty of details in future posts. In the meantime you can watch a video from last night’s presentation which includes a briefing by city staff on the new ordinance.