Let Them Eat Chocolate

Over at NAA’s Aptly blog there’s a nice piece about an independent rental owner (IRO) who gives his residents free chocolate. Lots of free chocolate:

Tarses, an independent rental owner, happily gives away 2,000 pounds of chocolate and cookies every year to his residents, vendors and industry friends, and has never accepted payment in return.

Tarses started his home-based company, the Berkeley Nut Company, in the mid 1980s as a way of creating goodwill with his residents. He began by making chocolate turtles for his residents during the holidays, but started using his chocolate to build positive relationships with them when he noticed his residents loved the treats and were coming back for more…

Although Tarses’ chocolate store—which is open by invitation only, due to people like me—features traditional dark and milk chocolate bars, he likes to experiment and make treats that are unique to the Berkeley Nut Company, which he says is the best free chocolate store in the area.

Currently, several of his residents are German, so he is making Schweineohren—also known as “pig’s ears”—a German puff pastry dipped in chocolate…

Because of the goodwill he extends to his residents, Tarses says he has never needed to serve a three-day notice to pay rent or evict a resident.