Is Facebook About to Kill Your Page’s Reach?

So you’ve spent countless hours working on building up the “Likes” for your company’s Facebook page in an effort to engage customers and projects. You’ve reached some magic number you set as your goal – 100 or 100,000 or 1 million – and you’re excited about all the products and services you can tell them about. What if instead of reaching 100, 0r 100,000 or 1 million you’re actually reaching one or 1,000 or 10,000? That’s what might be happening unless you’re willing to pay Facebook to reach more according to this piece at Valleywag:

A source professionally familiar with Facebook’s marketing strategy, who requested to remain anonymous, tells Valleywag that the social network is “in the process of” slashing “organic page reach” down to 1 or 2 percent. This would affect “all brands”—meaning an advertising giant likeNike, which has spent a great deal of internet effort collecting over 16 million Facebook likes, would only be able to affect of around a 160,000 of them when it pushes out a post. Companies like Gawker, too, rely on gratis Facebook propagation for a huge amount of their audience. Companies on Facebook will have to pay or be pointless.

That 160,000 still sounds like a lot of people, sure. But how about my favorite restaurant here in New York, Pies ‘n’ Thighs, which has only 3,281 likes—most likely locals who actually care about updates from a nearby restaurant? They would reach only a few dozen customers. A smaller business might only reach one. This also assumes the people “reached” bother to even look at the post.

The alternative is of course to pay for more attention. If you want an audience beyond a measly one or two percent, you’ll have to pay money—perhaps a lot of money, if you’re a big business.

Here at PTAA we use Facebook to let our members and other “likers” know about upcoming events, changes to schedules, new job postings on our website, etc. It would truly stink to learn that only 1-2% of them were seeing what we put out there. We’d love to hear from our social media expert friends about what they’re seeing with their clients’ Facebook pages, and if anyone is seeing a serious drop in engagement on their company/community pages we’d like to hear about that too.


One thought on “Is Facebook About to Kill Your Page’s Reach?”

  1. so far I have not seen a dramatic decline in visible posts from community or company sites I have “liked” or follow, but how would I really know. It happens slowly over time. There is no free lunch and nothing totally free is worth investing too much time. Look at Craigslist. Can’t expect to cut your marketing dollars and campaign and expect Craigslist to keep you afloat. You get what you pay for and if what your getting increases in value, then marketing conditions will dictate that the price of doing business goes up.

    That is why tried and true marketing sources will continue to survive through this “free” social media onslaught.

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