Indy-Based Company Stumbles Upon Successful Format for Boomers

Indiana-based J.C. Hart has hit on a format that appeals to boomers:

Juleen and the team at Carmel, Ind.-based J.C. Hart Co. stumbled on an attractive layout that had Baby Boomers flocking to a local development called The Legacy Towns and Flats.

“One of the things we kind of just started experimenting with was doing more townhome, two-story type of units attached to your more traditional garden-style building,” Juleen, the company’s vice president of marketing, says. “What we’ve found is those are catering to the older renters, the Baby Boomer type, that are looking to not have a home any longer.”

The design was so successful at enticing Boomers from the local Indianapolis area, the company decided to develop additional phases of townhome-like units at the Carmel community. The design was also carried over and expanded to other properties, including a new development in Fishers, Ind. called The District at Saxony. That community boasts 17 floorplans from one-bedroom up to three-bedroom units, offering a mix of one, two and three levels.