Fee for Bulky Item Removal in Greensboro?

We’ve heard through the grapevine that Greensboro’s City Council is considering adding a fee for bulky item pickup/removal at single family and multifamily addresses. We’ve been looking for feedback from members about this proposal and would like to hear from you if you too. Here are a couple of things we’ve heard so far:

  • You cannot control what other people dump at your property. It is unfair for us to pay for bulk items not generated by our tenant. Furthermore, if they start charging everyone (including single family homeowners) for bulk pick up then some of those folks will come dump their bulk items at apartment complexes and we will be responsible for paying for those items.
  • Some properties have significant turnover and the residents moving out often leave their furniture by the dumpster.

So, what would your concerns be if the city decided to impose a fee? Leave a comment here or email Jon Lowder with your comments.


One thought on “Fee for Bulky Item Removal in Greensboro?”

  1. People think that things magically disappear when they are beside the dumpster or at the curb. Nothing is free just like your momma taught you. Someone is having to pay. Everyone should be responsible for their own bulk pick ups. I live in Asheboro and I pay for mine at my home. Apartment communities and businesses should also absorb the cost.

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