Marketing by Truck

Cardinal Group Management came up with a creative way to market a student community:

Eddie Moreno, Portfolio Manager for Cardinal Group Management, says his team considered the idea last fall while brainstorming ways to introduce students at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) to Tetro Student Village, opening in Fall 2014. Branded bubble-gum tattoos were mentioned but the idea just didn’t stick. 

“We quickly came to conclusion that the student body’s familiarity with food trucks would be a key advantage in making the concept work,” Moreno says. 

The Tetro Truck was designed to include two 42-inch flat screen TVs, one mounted on the back wall and another on an articulating arm that swings out of the side bay door to stream the community’s various social media feeds. Each flat screen TV is synced and mirrored with an iPad that allows team members to conduct virtual tours, review the floor plans, site amenities, and ultimately walk a prospect through the application and lease process. 

In addition to on-campus appearances, Moreno says the truck is also driven to local retail centers and future residents’ homes or work places.