Apartment Industry Compensation in the Piedmont Triad

We’ve just finished compiling all the data from PTAA’s 2014 Salary Survey and guess what? If you participated in the survey you’ll be getting the report in the very near future. If you didn’t participate you’ll be able to buy it in a couple of weeks, just in time for budget season.

While digging through the data we noticed a couple of significant trends since our last survey in 2012. First of all we can see that there’s definitely been more turnover across all job titles in the last couple of years, with the notable exception of service supervisors. Here’s the average years-on-the-job by title, and the change from 2012:

  • Regional Managers – 8.3 years (down 8% from 9 years in 2012)
  • Site Managers – 4.2 years (down 5% from 4.4 years in 2012)
  • Assistant Managers – 2.5 years (down 22% from 3.2 years in 2012)
  • Leasing professionals – 1.1 years (down 15% from 1.3 years in 2012)
  • Service Supervisors – 3.9 years (up 11% from 3.5 years in 2012)
  • Service techs – 2 years (down 13% from 2.3 years in 2012)

Another trend that isn’t so surprising is that health care costs are up across the board for employers and employees. In just two years employer contributions to their employee healthcare coverage are up 73% and employee contributions are up 127%. Employers are still covering the larger share of the cost, but employees are feeling the pinch too.

If you’d like to get a copy of the full salary survey results please contact the PTAA office at 336-294-4428 or you can visit our website or email us.