The Big Eat in Winston-Salem

For the past several Januaries many of the restaurants in downtown Winston-Salem have participated in The Big Eat on Tuesdays. The participating restaurants offer a signature entree at 50% discounted prices and the result has been a great deal of participation from within the community.

Downtown Winston-Salem is one of the hottest apartment markets in the Triad, if not the state. If you’ve not been in the downtown area in a while to see what’s going on, then Tuesday nights are a prime time to check it out.

It really is pretty amazing to see how far the downtown has come in just the past 5-10 years. Of course the groundwork for the cities revitalization was laid before that, but it’s amazing to see how those plans and initiatives have come to fruition.

Given that many of our members who are based in Greensboro or High Point rarely make it to Winston-Salem, this would be as good a time as any. Greensboro is in the midst of its own transformation and we can probably anticipate even more growth in downtown apartments than we’ve already seen, and Winston-Salem offers a great glimpse into what that near future will look like.

If you’re interested in the Big Eat you can check out the participating restaurants on the map below and you can see the menu offerings here: