From Courthouse to Apartments

The Winston-Salem Journal has a good article about the transformation of the old Forsyth courthouse into 58 class-A apartments:

Old merges with new, as tenants walk across original marble floors or use an intricately-designed staircase still intact from the 1896 segment of the building. A star-shaped design in the floor on the Third Street side of the building has been incorporated into the building’s logo.

The large courtroom has been transformed into amenity space for tenants, with a kitchen, gym and lounge room. But the judicial bench and flags remain, as well as the original wood paneling, acoustical tile and crown molding.

“(It’s a) great space for them to hang out and enjoy the building, but also preserve the history of what this originally was,” said Amy Foster, regional manager for Clachan Properties…

The apartments have modern designs and appliances, but they each have their own unique character. One has an intricate historic doorframe as an entrance, while another has exposed brick walls from the bell tower and steel truss beams. The building’s smaller courtroom was transformed into two apartment units.

Clachan also developed the Winston Factory Lofts, but Coleman said the courthouse project was much different.

Coleman said, “In an old factory it’s wide open spaces. You really have maximum flexibility on what you can do. In the courthouse, you have to work within the confines of the building. For example, you can’t really modify the hallways, and there’s existing walls all over the place that have to be … integrated into the overall design of the building.”

The property is called 50 West Fourth and you can read more about the project on the Journal’s site.