NC School Districts Providing Apartments for Teachers

Several school districts in North Carolina have gotten into the apartment business to help provide housing for their teachers:

Thompson’s apartment complex is called Hertford Pointe, and it was built specifically to house teachers for Hertford County schools, a rural district in the northeastern part of the state. A local foundation called Partners for Hertford County Schools took out a zero-interest loan from the State Employees Credit Union to build Hertford Pointe in 2006. The rent teachers pay to live there will eventually pay back that loan. Thompson pays $625 a month for her two-bedroom unit, plus a pet fee…

James Eure led the school system’s foundation during the financing and construction of the apartments. He says before Hertford Pointe, there weren’t enough apartments in the area for Hertford’s teachers.

“When we started doing a study in Hertford County we found out that there was only about 15 apartments for teachers—with the salaries that the teachers made—[that they] could live in,” Eure explained…

Hertford County schools is one of three rural districts that has or is planning to build teacher apartments because of a lack of housing. Hoke County schools opened teacher apartments in 2013, and Richmond County schools is planning one as well.

Meanwhile in places like Asheville and Dare County the school districts are developing apartments to try and provide housing that is affordable for teachers:

In urban districts, building housing is more about affordability. Pam Baldwin is superintendent for Asheville City Schools, where a new teacher complex is in the works because of high housing costs…

Dare County, where the resort-oriented housing was too expensive for most teachers, built affordable teacher complexes in 2008 and 2011. Dare, Asheville and Buncombe are among a growing number of school districts across the country, butespecially in L.A. and Silicon Valley, that are building teacher apartments because of high housing costs and relatively low teacher salaries.

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