Post-Election Outlook for Apartment Industry is Mixed

Greg Brown, the National Apartment Association’s VP of Government Affairs, shares his thoughts on what the results of this year’s election means for the apartment industry and it’s well worth the read. Here’s a taste:

For our part, the outlook remains mixed for the apartment industry. Regulatory reform and independent moves by the President-elect to pull back on regulations issued by the Obama team will likely address several areas of concern such as Waters of the United States, the overtime rule and IRS rules on valuation of family-owned businesses. Bigger-picture issues such as the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, some areas of tax law and immigration reform have the potential to cut both ways for owners and operators of apartment homes. Thus, it is critically important that everyone get involved in NAA’s Advocacy365 program and commit to carrying the message of the apartment industry to their representatives in Congress.

Read the whole thing here.

You can also hear an interview with Greg on the Not a Complex Podcast here.