DGI Studying Demand for Apartments in Downtown Greensboro

Downtown Greensboro Inc. (DGI) is retaining a consultant to study the depth of market demand for downtown Greensboro. From an article in the News & Record:

Downtown Greensboro Inc. has hired a consultant to begin doing an eight-week study to find out how many people want to live downtown but can’t find apartments.

The consultant will take that information and recommend to the economic development agency steps to encourage developers to beef up their efforts in the city’s core.

“To me, we’ve got fabulous restaurants, we’ve got some great merchants, but we really need 24/7 residents. Residents help make a sustainable downtown,” said Zack Matheny, the president of Downtown Greensboro Inc.

Matheny said roughly 2,600 people live downtown, but he believes two, three, even four times that many would move if they could find a place…

Matheny said the consultant will interview real estate agents, city planning officials, economic developers and others to compile a thorough report.