Water Damage Ain’t Just About Mold

Here’s a cautionary tale from a student property in Elon:

The ceiling of one of the breezeways…had sections of concrete fall down.

No one was injured, but the students who lived there had to be evacuated. The director of inspections for Alamance County says no one will be allowed back in until the components to support the ceiling are fixed.

“Well because the walls, those tresses [sic] are attached to hold up the second and third floors of that apartment building. We want to make sure the walls are sound before we let anyone back in there,” says Robert Key, director of county inspections.

In the video interview, the inspector said that because the trusses were hidden behind concrete it was not possible to easily inspect them, which meant that water damage went undetected and that led to the supports giving way and the collapse of the concrete.

Just one more way that water can be a maintenance professional’s nemesis.