More on Using Facebook

A second post at Aptly Spoken about engaging members on Facebook provides some helpful tips on building your Facebook presence, especially if you’re just getting started.  For instance, here’s some info Facebook places:

With Facebook Places, you can easily share where you are, what you’re doing, and the friends you’re with. . It helps people discover new places or businesses by seeing where their friends are.

Here are some benefits to adding your community to Facebook Places:

  • It will come up when people try to check in to anywhere nearby (building awareness)
  • By people checking in it will appear in their Facebook newsfeed (brand awareness)
  • You can add more information about your community to the check in description (website, phone number, address, etc.), so when they check in on their phone they find out more about your community instantly
  • If people find you on Facebook while on their computer they can get directions to your community

It is quite challenging to add your business to Places, especially without a smartphone!  The best description I found on the Internet that led me through it quite painlessly is the website for Dummies