Winston-Salem Rooming House Ban

As of January 1, 2012 Winston-Salem will have an ordinance banning rooming houses:

The houses, where several people can rent rooms in a single-family home, will soon violate city zoning ordinance. The new ordinance requires the houses to revert back to single-family homes or remove locks on all inside doors.

“I feel that there’s not enough affordable housing in regards to the working poor and the students in town, and I feel this ordinance is going to make this difficult condition even worse,” landlord Reiner Kamper said.

Kamper owns four such houses in Winston-Salem. He said many people can’t afford to live elsewhere.

“For $100 a week rent including utilities, where are these people going to? They can’t even afford an apartment. They need to live in an apartment where people can take care of them. They help each other out, and I provide everything else for them,” Kamper said.