Enough to Make Your Skin Crawl

Want to read a headline that’s almost guaranteed to make your skin crawl?  How’s this – Inbreeding might explain bedbugs’ spread. From the article:

“A single mated female bedbug starts the infestation. She gives rise to offspring, and those offspring mate with each other and with their mother,” Schal said in an interview.

“This is different from many animals,” he said, mostly because close inbreeding can result in genetic deformities.

But he said some creatures, including cockroaches, can withstand such close inbreeding without detrimental effects.

Schal said this may be a trait of insects that have evolved an association with humans and rely on them to travel from place to place. Bedbugs often travel on furniture…

Schal said his findings are not likely to lead to new insecticides for bedbugs, but they do underscore the need to move fast once bedbugs are detected.

“If you don’t deal with them early they can spread through a building very quickly,” he said.