Certificate of Relief Act Intended to Help Non-Violent Felons Find Work, Housing

A new law that went into effect on December 1, 2011 could have an impact on multifamily property managers.  An excerpt from the story on Fox8’s website:

A new state law is helping non-violent ex-offenders to start over clean.

The Certificate of Relief Act, which went into effect Dec. 1, is geared toward knocking down roadblocks which many previously convicted felons face when applying for jobs, housing and school.

“There are folks, literally, who have been under a curse, is what I call it, for something they did when they were 19, 20-years-old,” said Democratic State Rep. Marcus Brandon of Guilford County, who is one of several other representatives backing the new state law.  “And now they’re 30, 40-years-old and they still have to check that box for ‘Felon.’”

“This is not something that affects a small number of people.  This is something that affects a vast majority of people,” Brandon said…

Under the Certificate Act, if a person is convicted of no more than two misdemeanors, or class G, H, or I felonies, then they’re eligible to petition the court for a certificate of relief.  The law also outlines sanctions that can’t be excused, such as restrictions on registered sex offenders…

The court uses certain requirements to decide on a case-by-case basis whether to issue the certificate.  The requirements include:

– At least 12 months have passed since the person has completed their sentence.
– The person must have or be making an effort to look for a legitimate occupation.
– The person has complied with their sentence.
– The person is not violating the terms of their sentence.
– Granting the petition wouldn’t pose an unreasonable risk to anyone’s safety or welfare.

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  1. I am glad for the new law but it does nothing in my case and many like it . If you plead guilty to more than one charge and it is consolidated into one count they wiggle room the court uses to deny relief to you is that you plead guilty to more than one charge on that date of court or they call session and your still strewed.

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