Bumper Crop of Candidates in Forsyth County in 2012

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

The political planets aligned just right this year to bring out a bumper crop of candidates for the May 8 primary in Forsyth County — and elsewhere in North Carolina, analysts say.

In Forsyth County, 10 Democrats and five Republicans find themselves locked in a primary battle in either the state House or Senate.

Compare those numbers to 2006, when only three Forsyth candidates for the General Assembly were in a primary, or 2008, when there were no primary candidates. Six candidates found themselves contesting primaries in 2010.

“In Forsyth County, there is a lot of political upheaval,” said Jonathan Kappler, the research director at the N.C. Free Enterprise Foundation.

Yep,  it’s going to be a very election year in Forsyth County.