AANC Legislative and Regulatory Successes Result in Real Apartment Industry Dollar Savings

The collective strength of the Apartment Association of North Carolina has saved the apartment industry many millions of dollars in recent years, as the attached “AANC Legislative and Regulatory Successes” spells out. We estimate that AANC advocacy resulted in:

  • Over $9M in savings in moderating swimming pool fence requirements;
  • $24M in annual savings associated with fending off elevator requirements in new apartment construction;
  • Nearly $6M in savings by tempering the new Statute for lithium battery smoke alarms;
  • Over $4M in annual savings associated with aspects of the new Landlord-Tenant Law Changes;
  • $3.5 M in annual savings associated with the new Residential Rental Property Inspections, Permits, and Registration Statute implementation at the local level;
  • Annual cost reductions of nearly $9.5 M associated with the Hot Water/Cold Water submetering Statute

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