Greensboro Housing Officials to Inspect All 177 Units at Heritage House Apartments

Greensboro housing inspectors have secured warrants to inspect all 177 units of the Heritage House apartment community beginning Monday, December 10, 2012:

City housing inspectors, accompanied by police, will go door-to-door inspecting a crime-laden apartment complex beginning today, Greensboro officials said.

Heritage House, 310 W. Meadowview Road, has been the site of dozens of drug crimes and, most recently, an Oct. 15 fatal shooting, city officials said.

The inspectors will check for housing code violations, and while the inspection may improve the building’s physical condition, it won’t directly affect the crime rate.

Deputy City Manager Jim Westmoreland said he expects the inspections to take two or three days…

City inspectors have warrants allowing them to enter each apartment, Westmoreland said. Police officers will be there to maintain order, Scott said. Police already have been working with the homeowners to deal with problems.

“There are a lot of good people who live in that building who want the same thing we do, to get rid of some of the problems,” Scott said.