Bedbugs Occupy Wall Street (Journal)

If misery loves company then those of you who have dealt with bedbugs might find comfort in this story about the Wall Street Journal:

Wall Street Journal employees began their day this morning with a bit of a headscratcher. (More of a head-to-toe scratcher, really.)

“I wanted to let you know that on Friday the facilities department received a report of a bedbug sighting in the video area of the 6th floor,” wrote deputy managing editor Deborah Brewster in a note to employees that was passed along to Capital.

The Journal brought in a sniffer dog to detect the presence of the incredibly resilient and psychologically horrifying but otherwise harmless vermin, according to the memo, which indicated that the dog did indeed find evidence of a potential bed bug infestation “in part of the video area and in part of the main 6th floor conference room.” Both areas were treated by an exterminator accordingly and will continue to be monitored in the coming weeks…

But The Journal is in good company. Over the past few years, other venerable New York institutions including Time Warner,  PenguinCarnegie Hall and Lincoln Center have also been infested.