How to Keep Your Star Employees

Emily Goodman wrote an excellent post on employee retention for the NAA blog:

For example, consider new hire and rockstar Jill — an outstanding, experienced Property Manager recently drafted at considerable expense from one of the hiring company’s main competitors. Despite her outward success and the success of her newly acquired property, she’s unsure how she’s performing, where she stands in the company, and how she fits into the overall goals of the agency. Her pay is great and she loves the autonomy of not being micro-managed, but over time, she finds herself feeling dispirited by the lack of communication and checks out.

The loss of rockstar performers like Jill doesn’t just leave a talent vacuum to seal; it also leaves a wide hole in the bottom line.

Keeping rockstars engaged comes down to creating a culture of communication — one in which employees know the organization’s direction, how they factor into it, and what’s expected of them.

Emily then outlines three strategies for creating that kind of culture. You should definitely check them out.