Are Fair Housing ‘Shops’ on the Rise?

The Fair Housing Project, a unit of Legal Aid of North Carolina, has been awarded a HUD Private Enforcement Initiative (PEI) grant of $325,000 a year for three years. According to a release from Legal Aid, “PEI grants fund nonprofit organizations that conduct testing and enforcement activities to prevent or eliminate discriminatory housing practices.”

We’ve heard from one source that these funds are already being used to ramp up the number of Fair Housing ‘shops’ in the Triangle and Triad areas. We’ve also heard that testers might be telling the site teams at the end of the tour that they’ve “passed” even though that tester has not yet compared notes with any other tester for the property. That could be a problem if the reports don’t match up.

We should stress that these are not formal reports or complaints that we’ve received – they are just the first hint that we’ve had that the Fair Housing Project inspections have increased. The purpose here is simply to inform you that your site teams may see an increase in Fair Housing ‘shops’ and that you might want to consider reinforcing the Fair Housing training that you already conduct.