Greensboro Approves Multifamily Development in Light Commercial Zones

At it’s Tuesday night meeting Greensboro approved an amendment to its Land Development Ordinance (LDO) that would allow multifamily development in light commercial and office parks throughout the city. The News & Record has the story:

Multi-family housing can now be built in some areas zoned as light commercial and business parks.

The Greensboro City Council voted Tuesday to make that change to its Land Development Ordinance…

A minimum of 10 feet must be maintained between buildings, according to the ordinance. In the affected zones, no more than 33 percent of gross floor area may be developed into multi-family dwellings.

Residential buildings have to architecturally match the commercial structures.

The homes must be integrated into the existing commercial developments and must include vehicular and pedestrian access between residential and non-residential components…

The ordinance requires the homes to be within a half-mile of a public park or greenway.




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