Developer Eyeing NW Guilford County for Mixed Residential Development

The Triad Business Journal is reporting that Greensboro-based developer Brad Deaton is working on a mixed-residential development in NW Guilford County, and although it’s early in the process there is already some push-back from neighbors. From the story:

Trinterra LLC, managed by real estate developer Brad Deaton, is seeking to rezone a 27-acre tract in the 3600 block of Lewiston Road from low density residential and mixed-use corporate park to moderate residential, according to city records. Greensboro’s Zoning Commission had been scheduled to review a report on the tract at its March 21 meeting, but that review was postponed pending a traffic study…

In an email, Deaton said a meeting with neighborhood residents took place last week and that he was “making some changes and adjustments to our plans as a result of the meeting.”…

…residents of the nearby Cardinal neighborhood, many of whom are opposed to the project, have been circulating a schematic and saying the developer is planning 26 single-family homes, 64 townhomes and an apartment complex with 300 units.

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