Inn at Greensboro College Gets New Name, Use

The Inn at Greensboro College is getting a new name – The Inn at Greensboro – and will no longer be a student property. According to this article in the Triad Business Journal, Greensboro College is no longer leasing the building to provide housing for its students and the owner is in the process of converting it into apartments targeted to “young professionals and students.”

The owner, Abdul Abu-Hashem, plans to have upgrades to the property, which was a motel before being converted to student housing, completed within the next month and will begin renting at that time. He is also addressing neighborhood concerns. From the article:

Prior to being purchased by the college, the former motel had a reputation as a haven for drug users and worse. Abu-Hashem said he’s heard from neighbors who worry the property will return to such uses now that the college is no longer involved in its operation.

They can put such fears aside, he promised…

He said he’s making repairs to the site and will begin advertising for tenants next month. Rooms will rent for between $475 and $500 per month, he said, with utilities included.

“We’re fixing the property very, very well,” Abu-Hashem said. “We’ve made a lot of improvements.”