Millennials and Boomers Fuel SFH Rental Community Demand

The growing trend of single family home communities being built purely for renters is being fueled by demand from millennials and baby boomers according to developers. From the Wall Street Journal:

The new rental communities look identical to for-sale projects, with pools, fitness centers and walking trails. But they are operated like apartment complexes, with management handling maintenance, lawn care and leasing.

Developers cite growing demand from younger millennials and aging baby boomers who want the additional space and traditional setting of a new single-family neighborhood—without the long-term commitment.

“It used to be that if you were an adult and didn’t own your own home, you were kind of a bum,” said George Casey, a former home builder who is chief executive of Stockbridge Associates, an industry consulting firm. That stigma has now “been blown into a million pieces,” he said…

Amenities packages and proximity to quality school districts are crucial to the business model. By offering perks similar to higher-end apartment complexes, the goal is to attract young families who want good schools but may struggle to buy in certain districts because of insufficient savings or high levels of student debt.

An interesting tidbit of info from the article is that the number of renter households increased by 9 million from 2005 to 2015, the most of any 10-year period ever recorded.

Source Wall Street Journal