Where Rents Are Most Affordable in the Piedmont Triad

According to a report released by Zumper, rents in Winston-Salem and Greensboro have remained flat over the last year and remain among the most affordable in the country. From the Triad Business Journal:

According to the index, the price of a one-bedroom apartment in Greensboro averages $630 per month while a two-bedroom goes for $750. In Winston-Salem, a one-bedroom averages $680 per month and the cost of a two-bedroom is $750.

In comparison to other cities included in the survey, both Greensboro and Winston-Salem are bargains for apartment dwellers. Greensboro ranks as the 15th-cheapest city for rentals while Winston-Salem places 25th.

Crystal Chen, a Zumper researcher, said one thing that’s keeping rental prices low in the Triad and elsewhere is the fact that rates on home mortgages remain reasonable, making home ownership a viable alternative to renting for many. Chen said there were also a large number of apartments built in Greensboro and Winston-Salem over the past year, making the market more competitive and meaning landlords must keep rents reasonable in order to secure good tenants.

Here’s a link to the Zumper index page, and below are the charts showing Winston-Salem and Greensboro’s rankings.

Image from Zumper.com
Image from Zumper.com