Preview of the Slot Game Nitropolis 2

In the sequel Nitropolis 2, developed by ELK Studios, the animal-led dystopian future is returning for more chaos. Even Elon Musk’s accountant would have a hard time keeping track of all the possible winning combinations in the original Nitropolis slot machine. Following in the footsteps of its predecessor, the new installment improves upon nearly every facet of its predecessor, providing players with a plethora of new elements to learn and master as clans return to recover their precious Nitro and more chances to win than ever before.

In reality, we are missing a clan member this time. Sergeant Nitro Wolf, on his one-critter campaign to rid Nitropolis of its pollution, has imprisoned the Rouge Rats. Like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element, this time the action is situated in a more urban environment, with the 6-reel, 4-row game grid surrounded by thick high-rise structures. It’s kind of like one of those science fiction hive planets where billions of people (or pets, in this instance) live in close quarters. While Nitropolis 2 is quite identical to its predecessor, it nonetheless packs as much of a wallop as a Slipknot performance thanks to its amazing music.

There have been several minor adjustments to the mathematics, the most notable of which being a 5% reduction in RTP. The hit frequency of around 1 in 5 spins (20%) and the high volatility (8 out of 10) continue unchanged. Clan battles may be played on any device with wagers ranging from 20 percent to 100 pounds or euros every spin.

There are 4,096 possible outcomes in the base 6×4 configuration, but when the Nitro Reels are activated, that number skyrockets to a mind-boggling 191,102,976. Six of a kind wins consisting of premium pugs, kittens, dawgs, or sergeants are only worth 0.7 to 1 times the stake since symbol values are maintained fairly low. Following these are the lower-value symbols of J through A, followed by a set of four logos. Wilds can double the value of a winning payline by themselves, but more commonly they can replace any other symbol outside the scatter.

Slot Machine Features in Nitropolis 2

Elk’s X-citer function and respin rounds join the already present Nitro Reels as supplementary features. Whenever a Nitro Reel lands, it expands to fill up to two adjacent symbol positions. From 4 to 12 winning symbols are packed within each one. A maximum of 191,102,976 possible combinations exists when the number of symbols is maximized. When a win occurs, the symbols or Nitro Reels involved in that win respin independently while the remaining symbols stay still. If fresh winning combinations arise during a respin, the process will continue.

The Nitro Booster, a new feature reel that runs along the top of the main grid, is one of the game’s most noticeable additions in Nitropolis 2. There, special symbols can appear and alter the regular reels in the following ways:

Wild symbols appear on all Nitro Reels when they fall into the same column.

Sticky or brand-new Nitro Reels always include just wilds, making them “All Wild.”

Each and every symbol on the landing Nitro Reels is a high-paying premium.

Extra icons for the Nitro Reels have been introduced as a result of this Nitro Upgrade.

When the landing Nitro Reels are all identical to the reel to the left, the game awards the All Match/Nitro Match bonus.

Nitro Reels grants a respin after locking bonus symbols.

Win both ways; paylines work in either direction.

Three, four, five, or six hot rod icons anywhere in view trigger 10, 15, 20, or 25 free games, respectively. All of the foregoing still holds true during bonus spins, however any landed Nitro Reels will remain immobile for the duration of the feature.

In addition, the X-iter menu provides access to five more feature purchase choices. You may buy a spin with a guaranteed win for 5 times your wager. If you wager 25 times your initial wager, you will receive three spins in which bonus or feature symbols appear on all positions of the Nitro Booster reel. For a stake of 100x, you are guaranteed a spin with 3 scatter symbols, and for a bet of 200x, you are guaranteed a spin with 4 scatter symbols. The Super Bonus is the big one, at 500 times the wager. In exchange, you’ll get 12 Nitro Reels on each of your free spins.

Slots in Nitropolis 2: The Final Say

It’s not as shocking at first since you know what to anticipate from a sequel. Despite this, Nitropolis 2 offers an experience unlike anything else on the market. The higher bonus row is reminiscent of games like Punk Rocker and San Quentin xWays, so it’s not surprising to find these slots’ inspirations creeping in. Although the Nitro Booster isn’t quite ground-breaking, it greatly enhances the game by introducing several additional features.

The same high quality of execution can be seen in the images, and the soundtrack is wild. It’s as if the sound guru was at a loss for inspiration and decided to grind together a bunch of different musical styles before settling on heavy metal. This strategy pays off as well, with the game’s sound effects contributing significantly to the rush you’ll feel when playing Nitropolis 2.

However, the proliferation of visual and aural media is not without its drawbacks. When you’re pumped up, it’s ten times more frustrating when symbols don’t fall the way you want them to. When the Super Bonus is active, for instance. It might be frustrating to wait out the rest of a spin when it’s clear after the second or third reel that you’re not going to win anything. However, when things start going your way with the symbols just about the moment the rhythm drops dramatically, it’s a tremendous delight.

The maximum victory in Nitropolis 2 is a pleasant surprise. Even though the number of chances to win has increased, the maximum payout is still the same at 10,000 times the original wager. A good sum, but if you found 85 million or more ways to win to be unfair, then another 100 million or more would likely feel like an absurd excess.

But absurdity has long been a trademark of the Nitropolis culture. Neither the first game nor its successor are played for its conservative 10 line gameplay. Nitropolis 2 is the slot machine equivalent of drinking your way through a dilapidated carnival in the year 2099 while riding a roller coaster. If that appeals to you, then sit back and enjoy the trip.

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