44 Units, 0 Parking Spots, 46 Personal Garden Spaces

Talk about your green apartment community:

The 7,000-square-foot public garden is on the ground level and is intended to join the two main streets bordering the site. “I wanted to erase the rigid boundary between public and private and extend the city into my building and vice versa,” says Mariscal. “Retail spaces, an outdoor gym, and an outdoor cinema surround this space, all of which will increase the community’s engagement with the building.”

Each apartment unit has its own private green space. “I envision them as outdoor rooms where traditional interior activities could be carried out, like dining or entertaining,” says Mariscal. “Each ‘outdoor room’ is about 12 feet by 12 feet and is open to the sky and full of vegetation.”

On the roof, 70 percent of the area is dedicated to gardening. Mariscal says that the idea is that each rental unit would include a small piece of ground for people to grow their own vegetables. “This is healthier for residents, both physically and psychologically, less expensive, and environmentally attractive,” says Mariscal. The rest of the roof is given over to a lounge space for cooking and dining that has a view of downtown.

Energy Savings in US Multifamily Stock Could Reach $9 Billion

From the MultiFamily Executive article:

Multifamily building stock in the United States has great potential for significant energy efficiency gains, with potential energy savings are estimated at $9 billion, according to a new report from the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT). Energy Transparency in the Multifamily Housing Sector, reports that while energy costs have risen 20 percent in the past decade, new energy benchmarking laws in major cities that require owners of multifamily buildings to measures or disclose their properties’ energy consumption are allowing owners, policymakers, utilities, and lenders to craft better programs and incentives for energy-efficient buildings. The carbon reductions associated with the $9  billion in estimated savings are the equivalent of shutting down 20 coal power plants according to IMT.

Energy Choices Now Roadshow at Proximity in April

The North Carolina Energy Association’s “Energy Choices Now” Roadshow is coming to the Proximity Hotel in Greensboro on April 5, 2012 from 4-6 p.m.   Here’s a blurb about the event from the NCEA’s website:

Energy costs keep rising. But we can have power over our monthly electric bills. Clean energy policies passed over the last seven years have brought costs down, created jobs and fueled our economy. By furthering access to renewable energy and energy saving solutions, we can have even more stability and control over rising prices. It’s time North Carolina’s outdated policies and regulations kept pace with the overwhelming demand for clean energy resources. Learn how you can take charge when NCSEA’s “Energy Choices Now” Roadshow comes to a city near you.