A Look Inside Winston-Salem’s 757 North Apartments

757 North Apartments in Winston-Salem are due to open on July 1, but you can get a sneak-preview by checking out a slideshow on the Triad Business Journal’s site. Here’s some more info from the accompanying article:

“The amenities are typical of new construction for multifamily communities,” Nelson said. “We tried to create all the amenities we think working professionals use.”

Nelson said Laurel Street worked for more than a year on the development with Goler Community Development Corp., which is also an investor in the 2.2 acre project, and the city of Winston-Salem.

Laurel Street bought the property from Goler, which is trying to revitalize the Goler neighborhood, once considered the downtown for the city’s black community.

Rents at 757 North range from $740 to $1,550. Nelson said 25 percent — roughly 29 units — are set aside for renters making 80 percent or less of Winston-Salem’s median income, with rents ranging from $740 to $850, Nelson said.

The city of Winston-Salem approved a $1.25 million subsidized loan to be repaid over 20 years as well as a $325,000 land grant.

Winston-Salem Council Denies Rezoning Request for Affordable Development

At its May 2 meeting the Winston-Salem City Council voted 5-2 to deny a rezoning request for a 54-unit apartment development in the city’s northwest ward. From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Siding with neighbors who came out in opposition, the Winston-Salem City Council on Monday rejected a developer’s plan to put a low-income, two-story 54-unit apartment building at the entrance to the Town and Country neighborhood at the corner of Briarcliffe and Reynolda roads…

Developer Bill Scantland described the apartment building as one that would serve people who are 55 years old or older, who make between 30 and 60 percent of the area median income of $58,500. Scantland said the building would look just like one built for market-rate tenants.

Opponents said the apartment building would be too tall for the neighborhood, especially since the corner lot drops off about 20 feet in elevation from Reynolda Road to Briarcliffe…

When the proposed rezoning went to the City-County Planning Board on April 14, it had no opposition and sailed through on a unanimous vote — although it was noted that emails were coming in from people who said that they didn’t know about the case and hadn’t had enough time to think about it.

One problem, it turns out, is that the neighborhood meeting to discuss the plan with Town and Country residents was held on April 13, only one day before the planning vote…

The developer’s financing imposed a time frame that didn’t allow for postponing the decision, MacIntosh said.

HAWS Opening First Step Up Community

The Housing Authority of Winston-Salem is preparing to open its first “Step Up” affordable housing community in Winston-Salem. From the Winston-Salem Journal:

The Oaks is HAWS’ first “Step Up” transitional housing site, where tenants will be subject to work requirements to live there.

The goal: To move people toward economic self-sufficiency while also revitalizing the Cleveland Avenue area…

“The concept is that we were one of the largest landlords in this area, and if we didn’t improve our property how could we expect anyone else to do that,” said Larry Woods, CEO of HAWS, during the open house…

Once completed, The Oaks will feature 50 modern apartment units, each with its own outside entrance. Options range from one- to three-bedroom units with single-level to multi-level floor plans. Each unit will have energy-efficient appliances.